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Jewish Book Week

Jewish Book Week is much more than a nine-day annual festival. We are increasingly involved in events through the year presented by the Jewish Book Council, or in association with other organisations.

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The JBW Newsfeed

The programme goes live at midday on Wednesday, 7 December. Be sure to save the date. All festival events will be up on our website and fully...
Thursday, 20 October 2016
Become a Friend of JBW to help us ensure that the world’s foremost Jewish literary festival - your festival - continues to flourish. A...
Thursday, 20 October 2016
The political career of Shimon Peres lasted almost as long as a normal lifetime – three score and ten years.The secret of such longevity was his...
Thursday, 29 September 2016


Unable to appear at a scheduled event, Etgar Keret sends his best to Jewish Book Week.