Evolutions: Fifteen Myths that Explain our World

Oren Harman.

Chair: Sam Leith

05/03/2019 8:30 pm
Kings Place, Hall 2

Evolutions, ‘a breath-taking race through the immense scope of time and space that is our universe’, brings to life the latest scientific thinking on the birth of the universe and the solar system, our journey from a single cell to the intricate complexities of the human mind. Reawakening our sense of wonder and terror at the world around us and within us, Oren Harman uses modern science to create new and original mythologies.


Oren Harman.

Oren Harman  has a doctorate from Oxford University, and is Chair of the Graduate Program in Science, Technology and Society, and a Professor of the History of Science at Bar Ilan University.

Sam Leith

Sam Leith is literary editor at the Spectator, a columnist at the Financial Times and Prospect, and his work appears regularly in the Guardian, The Times and the TLS among others. His books include You Talkin' to Me? Rhetoric from Aristotle to Obama.