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Bettany Hughes and Peter Frankopan: Sailing to Byzantium

5 December 2016 - 4:59pm -- miranda
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Bettany Hughes and Peter Frankopan: Sailing to Byzantium

Kings Place, Hall 1

2017-03-02 19:00:00



Bettany Hughes
Peter Frankopan


This event took place on Thursday, 2nd March. To watch a video of this event, click here.

Istanbul has always been a place where stories and histories collide and crackle. In her epic new biography, Istanbul, Bettany Hughes takes us on a dazzling historical journey through one of the world’s greatest cities as it transmogrified from Byzantium to Constantinople to Istanbul. Based on meticulous research and new archaeological evidence, this is narrative history at its finest.

At the heart of the Byzantine Empire – as retold in Peter Frankopan's engaging and highly original history of the world The Silk Roads – was the city that straddles the Bosphorus, the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. Along these networks flowed ideas, goods, disease and death. This was where empires were won and lost. As a new era emerges, the patterns of exchange mirror those that have crisscrossed Asia for millennia. The Silk Roads are rising again.

Bettany Hughes  is an award-winning historian, author and broadcaster, who has devoted the last 25 years to the vibrant communication of the past. Her speciality is ancient and medieval history and culture. She has taught extensively at univerities around the world, winning numerous awards for academic excellence. Her first book Helen of Troy: Goddess, Princess, Whore has been translated into ten languages. Her second, The Hemlock Cup, Socrates, Athens and the Search for the Good Life, was a New York Times bestseller. She has written and presented over 50 TV and radio documentaries.

Peter Frankopan is Senior Research Fellow at Worcester College, Oxford and Director of the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research. He often writes for the international press, including The New York Times, the Financial Times and the Guardianand has contributed to many TV and Radio documentaries. Silk Roads was named The Telegraph's History Book of the Year 2015. It has topped the Sunday Times Non-Fiction charts, remaining in the Top 10 for 24 weeks in a row, as well as reaching the top of the charts in China, India, Ireland and many other countries around the world.