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How to Find a Black Cat in a Dark Room

4 January 2018 - 3:10pm -- miranda
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How to Find a Black Cat in a Dark Room

Kings Place, Hall 2

2018-03-11 18:30:00



Jacob Burak

Why do smart people make stupid mistakes? Why do tall, slim people earn more? Does society determine who we are? What really makes us tick? Internationally acclaimed businessman, innovator and writer, Jacob Burak, embarks on a quest to answer these and other burning questions, examining whether it is destiny or personality that controls our lives. 



Jacob Burak is a Tel Aviv-based writer who draws on psychology, science and art to examine life and human nature. Since retiring from his business career in 2005, Burak has written four bestselling books. He is active in social causes, including in his past role as the Chairman of Maala, an organisation devoted to ensuring corporate social responsibility, and his work with the Midot organisation and Round-Up Israel. In 2013, Burak founded Alaxon, a digital magazine featuring articles on culture, art and popular science.