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An Interview with James P Rubin

19 December 2016 - 1:30pm -- miranda
Upcoming EventsSaturday, February 25

An Interview with James P Rubin

Kings Place, Hall 1

2017-02-25 19:00:00


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James Rubin
Chair: Emily Maitlis

This event took place on Saturday 25th February 2017 as part of Jewish Book Week 2017. To watch a video of this event, click here.

James P Rubin was a senior media advisor to Hilary Clinton in the latter part of her election campaign. An analyst, consultant and commentator on international affairs and US foreign policy and advisor to both Clintons, he possesses in-depth knowledge and understanding of US politics and the world stage. A highly influential broadcaster, writer and journalist, he talked to Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis about his many public roles, past and present, and his global vision for the future.


James P Rubin’s professional life encompasses politics, academia and the media. Serving under President Clinton as Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs and Chief Spokesman for Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright from 1997 to May 2000, in 1999, he acted as a special negotiator to secure the demobilization of the Kosovo Liberation Army. During the final stage of the 2016 US Presidential election, he was Senior Media Adviser for National Security Affairs for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Mr Rubin serves on the Board of the International Peace Institute. He currently lives in London and is married to Christiane Amanpour.


Emily Maitlis is one of the main BBC news presenters. Along with Newsnight, she also presents news bulletins on BBC One and rolling news coverage on the BBC News Channel. She also made a number of BBC documentaries. She previously worked at BBC London news, London's flagship regional news programme on BBC One. Before joining the BBC, Emily Maitlis worked for Sky News in this country, and for NBC News in Hong Kong, as a business correspondent. She spent six years in the Far East reporting from around the region on longer format pieces from Cambodia, China and the Philippines and has written for newspapers and magazines.