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March 29

JBW Authors shortlisted for a major prize

February 16

Bill Browder joins News Panel at JBW 2018

February 7

Monday January 29,2018
Read Stephen Greenblatt's brilliant essay in The New Yorker: Shakespeare's Cure for Xenophobia: Don't miss Stephen Greenblatt at JBW on Sunday 11th March, in The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve: , and 
Monday January 15,2018
A special tribute to the eminent author Aharon Appelfeld, who died on 4 January, has been added to the 2018 programme in recognition of his life and works. Writer David Herman will discuss Appelfeld'
Thursday January 11,2018
Congratulations to Eshkol Nevo, Sara Hirschhorn, Jeremy Dauber and Lewis Glinert, all finalists in the 2017 National Jewish Book Awards. City on a Hilltop, by Sara Hirschhorn, was a finalist in the
Tuesday January 9,2018
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Tuesday January 9,2018
The 2018 festival offers an array of events on the topic of Israel or featuring Israeli speakers. From fiction to politics and music to psychologym there's something to tempt every taste. Our expert
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