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Past EventsSunday, March 5

The Art of the Graphic Novel: Marion Baraitser, Steve Marchant & Corinne Pearlman

Marion Baraitser
Steve Marchant
Corinne Pearlman
Chair: Paul Gravett

At the intersection of literature and art, the blending of high satire and low caricature, the graphic novel is an elusive genre. Propelled to new heights by Art Spiegelman, the form has many proponents who explore a range of Jewish preoccupations from the sublime to the horrific. Is it the ultimate in trivialisation or the ultimate in mediation?

The panel included experts in the field: Paul Gravett, Corinne Pearlman and Marion Baraitser who launched Home Number One, a gripping graphic novel for teens featuring a young heroine from the year 2020 who travels through time to meet her distant cousins in Theresienstadt, 1944.

Marion Baraitser is an award-winning playwright, and short story writer. She is the founder of Loki Books and has coauthored Home Number Onewith illustrator Anna Evans.

Paul Gravett is a comics historian, lecturer and exhibition curator. His latest book is Graphic Novels: Stories toC hange Your Life.

Corinne Pearlman has compiled two anthologies of comic strip art, creating two children’s books for the British Museum. She is the Jewish Quarterlycartoonist.

Steve Marchant teaches cartoon skills to young people and adults, and also works as a professional cartoonist. His latest book is The Cartoonists Workshop.


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