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Past EventsSaturday, February 25

To Know the Other from Within

David Grossman
Maya Jaggi

In a mental climate such as this, the very act of writing a story or a poem - even if you're not at that moment writing about "the situation" - instantly becomes a tiny act of protest, of defiance; an act of personal definition within a reality that threatens to wipe us out…

…When we write here we manage to experience the almost forgotten flexibility of a change of perspective; of looking at reality from somebody else's eyes, sometimes even the eyes of our enemy”. David Grossman March, 2005

Internationally acclaimed writer David Grossman has stressed the urgency of ‘knowing the other from within’ in order to fight the clichés and prejudice rife within any conflict. The Israeli writer has made injustice one of his central themes, tirelessly calling for the end of the occupation and the creation of a Palestinian state.

Here he told us of the challenge of living on the fault line; writing tomorrow’s literary classics  whilst fighting today’s battles.

David Grossman is one of Israel’s best loved writers, the author of seven novels,  three books of journalism, children’s books and a play.

Maya Jaggi is an award-winning journalist, one of the Guardian Review'schief profile writers and contributor to The Independent, the Daily Telegraphand BBC radio.



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