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Past EventsSunday, February 25

Web of Deceit: The War in Iraq

Barry Lando
Phillipe Sands QC
Tony Lerman

After WW2, Western democracies united in trying to create a new world order protecting human rights, preventing wars and promoting free trade. Philippe Sands in Lawless Worldhas shown how the US –and the UK- have repeatedly broken those rules. In Web of Deceit Barry Lando demonstrates the cynicism and greed driving foreign intervention in Iraq since it was founded and beyond the reign of Saddam: an excellent illustration of Philippe Sands’ thesis. Amongst other things, they discussed what was omitted from Saddam’s trial and the key role of his foreign co-conspirators.

Barry Lando spent 25 years as an award-winning investigative producer with 60 Minutes. The author of numerous articles about Iraq, he produced a documentary about Saddam Hussein and now a controversial book Web of Deceit: The History of Western Complicity in Iraq, from Churchill to Kennedy to George W. Bush.
Phillipe Sands QC is a practising barrister and a Professor of International Law at University College, London.  He has been involved in many of the recent high profile cases at the World Court and is the author of Lawless World.
Tony Lerman is the Executive Director of the Jewish Policy Research.

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