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Past Events

Past EventsMonday, February 28


The Slow Mirror (22 minutes)

The Slow Mirror is based on a short story by Jewish-American novelist Richard Zimler, who wrote the screenplay.  It was awarded the Best Drama prize by the New York City Downtown Short Film Festival.

The Slow Mirror is about a teacher from Lisbon named Carla who discovers an unusual mirror in an antique shop in Barcelona.  Instead of returning images right away, this mirror retains them for several years. When Carla brings it back to her gravely ill daughter as a present, it changes both their lives in surprising and poignant ways.

The film stars Portuguese actresses Gracinda Nave and Marta Peneda, as well as Zimler himself.

Alice Sommer Herz: Everything is a Present (53 minutes)

Alice Sommer Herz; the second oldest person living in London; Terezin survivor; publisher of a best selling book at 104; now 107 years old, lives entirely alone in a small flat and practices the piano for two and a half hours every day. She is one of the most remarkable people on earth; thought of with admiration and affection by hundreds of thousands of people, as a sage and a saint and a mavin.

Alice Sommer has suffered experiences which no human being should have to endure, including the deaths of both her mother and her husband at the hands of the Nazis, and yet she speaks about her experiences with a simplicity and a quiet grace that win the hearts of all who are lucky enough to discover her.

This is one of the very few films on a Holocaust subject which focuses on hope, courage, tenacity and human dignity, rather than on catastrophe and despair.

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J Safran Foer

Jonathan Safran Foer discusses his novel Here I Am with Hephzibah Anderson at an out-of-festival event.