Resisting Exile: André Aciman & Naïm Kattan

Naïm Kattan, André Aciman

03/03/2004 4:30 pm
Out of Egypt (1994) is André Aciman’s richly coloured memoir chronicling the exploits of his flamboyant Jewish family from their bold arrival in Alexandria in 1905 to their defeated exodus three generations later. Farewell, Babylon (1980) is Naïm Kattan’s acclaimed narrative of his childhood in Baghdad in the 1930s and 1940s.
In this session, André Aciman and Naïm Kattan, the authors of these two outstanding memoirs, explored ideas of exile, loss and identity with writer, Valerie Monchi. They discussed what makes it possible to create a new life in another culture and how the quest for memory can help us choose who we want to be.
Naïm Kattan

Naïm Kattan was born in Baghdad in 1928 and emigrated to Montreal in 1954. Novelist, essayist and critic, he is the author of more than 30 books, translated into several languages.

André Aciman

André Aciman was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1950 and now lives in the USA. His book False Papers: Essays on Exile and Memory (2000) led one critic to call him 'our contemporary Proust.'