A Question of Zion

Jacqueline Rose, D D Guttenplan 

13/03/2005 2:15 pm

Although Israel barely leaves the front page, notes Jacqueline Rose, the complexity of Zionism itself is hardly ever explored. Zionism is founded on the legitimate desire of a persecuted people for national self-determination, says Rose, but must be analysed to find the key to the daily tragedies unfolding for both Israelis and Palestinians today.

To launch her book, The Question of Zion, she explored with D D Guttenplan the history and character of Zionism. What is it about Zionism that commands such passionate and seemingly intractable allegiance? And how does what she describes as its messianic fervour shape Israel’s actions and self-image to this day?

Jacqueline Rose

Jacqueline Rose joins the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities in January 2015. She has written extensively on psychoanalysis, feminism, literature and politics. Her books include On Not Being Able to Sleep and Proust among the Nations.

D D Guttenplan 

D D Guttenplan is London correspondent of The Nation, author of The Holocaust on Trial (2001) and producer of Edward Said: The Last Interview(2004).