A Senseless Squalid War

Norman Rose, Geoffrey Wheatcroft

28/02/2010 2:00 pm

Drawing on a rich medley of official documents, private papers, personal reminiscences, even songs, Norman Rose’s A Senseless Squalid War offers eloquent expression to all those who took part in the events leading to the declaration of the state of Israel, whether Briton, Jew or Arab. Norman Rose talks to Geoffrey Wheatcroft about his objective: to create an unbiased and comprehensive picture, evoking an epoch-making era.

Norman Rose

Norman Rose holds the Chaim Weizmann Chair of International Relations at the Hebrew University and is Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. He has written numerous books, including highly regarded biographies of Winston Churchill and Harold Nicholson. Read the impressive press he received for A Senseless Squalid War.

Geoffrey Wheatcroft

Geoffrey Wheatcroft is a journalist and author, who writes for the New York Review of Books andHarper\'s in New York and the National Interest and World Affairs in Washington. His books include The Strange Death of Tory England, Yo, Blair!, and The Controversy of Zion, which won an American National Jewish Book Award.