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A State at Any Cost: The Life of David Ben-Gurion

Tom Segev

Chair: Jonathan Freedland

29/02/2020 8:30 pm
Kings Place, Hall 1

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Israeli historian Tom Segev offers a masterful account of the complex figure of David Ben Gurion, founder of the Jewish state. Visionary leader, despot, statesman, small-town politician – Ben Gurion was all of these things. Tom Segev uses previously unreleased archive material to give an original, nuanced account that transcends the myths and legends that have built up around David Ben-Gurion, a leader who sought a state ‘at any cost’.

Sponsored by the New Israel Fund

Tom Segev

Tom Segev is one of Israel's most celebrated historians. His works include The Seventh Million; 1967: Israel, the War, and the Year That Transformed the Middle East; Simon Wiesenthal; and One Palestine, Complete, which was chosen as one of the best ten books of 2000 by the New York Times.

Jonathan Freedland

Jonathan Freedland is an award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster. He writes a weekly column for The Guardian, where he is executive editor, Opinion. He is the presenter of BBC Radio 4’s contemporary history series The Long View and has also written seven books.

Sponsored by the New Israel Fund