A Yiddish Sister Revealed: Dafna Clifford, Dorothee van Tenderloo

Dorothee van Tenderloo, Dr Dafna Clifford

01/03/2004 3:30 pm

Esther Kreitman was the talented elder sister of Isaac Bashevis and Israel Joshua Singer. She was the first of her siblings to write, and the inspiration for I B Singer’s story Yentl. But she had to defy her orthodox Hasidic family to pursue her own career in writing.

In this session to mark the launch of Blitz and Other Stories, the first translation of Yikhes, a collection of short stories set in the war-torn East End and the shtetls of her native Poland, the panellists explored Esther Kreitman’s exceptional achievements as a Yiddish woman writer and her deep sense of personal and social injustice.

Dorothee van Tenderloo

Dorothee van Tenderloo is a freelance translator and literary critic specialising in 20th century Yiddish, Hebrew and European Jewish literature.

Dr Dafna Clifford

Dr Dafna Clifford has taught at the Oxford Institute for Yiddish Studies and lectures in Yiddish, modern European Jewish and Israeli literature.