Abba Eban: A Biography

Asaf Siniver

25/02/2016 7:00 pm

Abba Eban: A Biography is the first examination for almost 40 years of the man whose exceptional skill as a spokesman for Israel in the international arena elicited wide scale admiration. Historian Asaf Siniver, in conversation with journalistNatasha Lehrer, explores the influence and achievements of this South African-born politician and diplomat who served as Israel’s first Ambassador to the UN and Ambassador to the USA in the decade 1949-59, subsequently becoming Israel’s Foreign Minister.

Asaf Siniver

Asaf Siniver is Reader in International Security at the University of Birmingham. He specialises in the politics, diplomacy and history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Dr Siniver held a Leverhulme Research Fellowship (2011-2013) on Third Party Mediation in the Arab-Israeli Conflict and his books include The October 1973 War: Politics, Diplomacy, Legacy.

Natasha Lehrer

Natasha Lehrer is a literary critic, editor and translator of fiction and non-fiction from French to English. She writes for the TLS, the Guardian, the Nation, and Ha’aretz, among others.