Add Your Story to the National Library of Israel Archives

01/03/2020 11:00 am
Kings Place, Wenlock Room

Making a Simcha?  Mazeltov!

Would you like to invite the National Library of Israel?

Don’t worry, we won’t show up, but we would love to receive the invitation, menus, benchers and any other printed materials relating to your special events, past and present.

The National Library of Israel is the prime repository of the history of the Jewish people.  Our collections include books, archives, manuscripts, photographs, maps, music and ephemera. Ephemera are short-lived printed materials – including Invitations, flyers, greeting cards, synagogue notices, and tickets – which represent a unique ‘slice of life’ for historians.

We are making history by collecting contemporary Jewish ephemera from around Europe, preserving Jewish life today for tomorrow’s researchers, educators and historians. We invite you to bring with you items from your family celebrations and any other ephemera you may have to deposit in our collections.

To book a slot between 11am and 5pm please email

If you would like to ask us about any other Judaica materials then please write to us at

Join us at Jewish Book Week to add your piece of the story