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An evening with Hadley Freeman

Hadley Freeman

16/03/2020 7:00 pm
Kings Place, Hall 2

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Join Guardian columnist and feature writer Hadley Freeman, as she talks to Guardian columnist Jonathan Freedland about her new book, House of Glass: The Story and Secrets of a Twentieth-Century Jewish Family.

When Freeman discovered a shoebox filled with her French grandmother’s belongings, it started a decade-long quest to find out their significance and to dig deep into the extraordinary life of her grandmother and her siblings. The search takes Hadley from Picasso’s archives in Paris to a secret room in a farmhouse in Auvergne, from Long Island to Auschwitz.

In House of Glass, Freeman explores the moving journey of the Glass family through love and loss in the 20th century, detailing extraordinary acts of courage and survival that are deeply relevant today. She will be joining us to share this remarkable story.

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Hadley Freeman

Hadley Freeman is the author of The Meaning of Sunglasses, Be Awesome and House of Glass and has been a Guardian columnist and staff writer since 2000, where she writes the popular Ask Hadley fashion column. She also contributes to Vogue. She lives in New York and London.

Jonathan Freedland

Jonathan Freedland is an award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster. He writes a weekly column for The Guardian, where he is executive editor, Opinion. He is the presenter of BBC Radio 4’s contemporary history series The Long View and has also written seven books.

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