An Irish-Jewish Journey: Maureen Lipman, Stanley Price

Maureen Lipman, Stanley Price

03/03/2004 9:15 am
Somewhere to Hang My Hat, Stanley Price’s memoir of Irish-Jewish life, introduces us to a varied cast of characters including his eccentric grandfather, who was once famously asked by a Dublin policeman whether he was “a Catholic Jew or a Protestant Jew;” his ageing spinster aunts; a wind obsessed rabbi; and with guest appearances from Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Marilyn Monroe.
In this session, Maureen Lipman and Stanley Price read from Stanley’s witty memoir, and took on the role of a whole variety of characters and in the process took the audience on a highly entertaining and moving journey.
Maureen Lipman

Maureen Lipman is an acclaimed film, theatre and television actress, columnist and comedian. She is the author of nine books and writes regularly for Standpoint magazine and Spectator Health.

Stanley Price