Joe Friedman

22/02/2009 10:45 am

What would it be like to be bigger than your parents, and much bigger than your friends? Joe Friedman, author of the “warm, wise and wonderful” Boobela and Worm books, explored being very big and very small. He also explored creating stories and what goes into making a book.

This proved to be an interactive and entertaining session in particular due to Joe, an American, who had previously performed as a comic.

Joe Friedman

Joe Friedman was born in Chicago. He started writing at seven and sold his first play at 13. This success was followed by a long period of failure (“learning his trade”). Boobela and Worm, the first in the series, was published in 2007 and was chosen a “Book of the Year” by The Times. When he’s not writing, Joe works as a psychotherapist.