Festival 2021 Saturday 27 February - Wednesday 24 March | Tickets now on sale

Bookniks Salon

Adam Taylor, Joanne Limburg, Maya Levy, Vivi Lachs, Eve Grubin, Samantha Ellis


A literary salon with a twist (or two). We discovered hidden Yiddish London, heard from the frontline of the ‘Sheitl-gate’ scandal and found out what happened to the woman who thought too much.

It featured live music inspired by the Spanish civil-war, spoken-word performances, spontaneous poetry-toorder, an interactive sculpture and even a free glass of wine.

Adam Taylor

Adam Taylor writes and broadcasts topical poems for The World Today on the BBC World Service. God’s Face in Your Gazpacho is his collection of poetry.

Joanne Limburg

Maya Levy

Maya Levy is the artistic director of Open Arts Café. She recently devised a one woman musical mystery, Troiseaux.

Vivi Lachs

Vivi Lachs is a historian of the Jewish East End, Yiddishist pop singer, performer, and Associate Research Fellow at Birkbeck College, University of London. She worked for 25 years teaching in Hackney schools. Recently called a Yiddish culture activist, she records Cockney-Yiddish songs with the bands Klezmer Klub and Katsha’nes. She set up the Great Yiddish Parade to bring songs of protest from the 1880s back onto the streets of London, co-runs the monthly Yiddish open mic cafe and leads occasional East End historical singing tours. She continues to research the Jewish East End through Yiddish texts.

Eve Grubin

Eve Grubin’s book of poems Morning Prayer was published by the SheepMeadow Press. She teaches at NYU in London, is a tutor at The Poetry School, and Poet in Residence at the LSJS.

Samantha Ellis

Samantha Ellis’s reading memoir, How to be a Heroine, is published by Vintage. Her plays include Cling to Me Like Ivy(published by Nick Hern Books, and produced at the Birmingham Rep and on tour) and Operation Magic Carpet (Polka Theatre). Her book about Anne Brontë will be published by Chatto & Windus.