Clarice Lispector

Benjamin Moser, Ed Caesar

28/02/2010 12:30 pm

In his internationally acclaimed biography of Clarice Lispector, Why this World, Ben Moser traces the roots of the mysterious Brazilian novelist -this “rare person who looked like Marlene Dietrich and wrote like Virginia Woolf”- back to her Ukrainian origins and to the Jewish mystical tradition. Lispector is truly unique in the fascination she exerted, and still exerts, on readers and writers throughout the world.

Benjamin Moser

Benjamin Moser is the New Books Columnist for Harper\'s Magazine, a contributor to The New York Review of Books.

Ed Caesar

Ed Caesar is a feature writer and reviewer for The Sunday Times. He has filed copy from Rwanda, Iran, Russia and Redruth. In 2007, he won the Press Gazette British Young Journalist of the Year award.