Clive James in conversation with Pascal Bruckner

Pascal Bruckner, Clive James


Pascal Bruckner is not afraid of controversy. Original and unconventional, the author of The Tyranny of Guilt: An Essay on Western Masochism has garnered praise from Nick Cohen, Christopher Hitchens and, of course, the brilliant polymath Clive James. He came to fame as one of the “nouveaux philosophes” together with Bernard-Henri

Lévy, had a novel made into a film by Roman Polanski (Bitter Moon) and writes lucid prose.

This was a conversation which ranged from geopolitics to the politics of marriage, the blurred line between antisemitism and hatred of Israel, and the foolish pursuit of happiness.

Pascal Bruckner

Pascal Bruckner writes both fiction and non-fiction. His novel Bitter Moon was turned into the renowned film. His works of political philosophy include: The Temptation of Innocence and The Tyranny of Guilt.

Clive James

Clive James – most brilliant essayist, cultural commentator and memoir writer – has won numerous prizes, including the George Orwell Special Prize for lifetime achievement in journalism and broadcasting.