Corresponding With The Past: An Israeli Born Author Bears The Scar Of The Holocaust

Nava Semel

25/02/2007 4:30 pm

Nava Semel discussed writing about the children of Holocaust survivors in search of an Israeli identity. She gave her personal view on the pain and the hope, on loss and the power of survival through the eyes of the daughter of new immigrants.

Semel also talks about her latest novel And the Rat Laughed in which the protagonist battles with her memory as a hidden, abused child and her long journey towards emotional freedom.

Nava Semel

Nava Semel was born in Tel Aviv in 1954. An art critic and journalist, script writer and translator, she has published five novels, a collection of short stories, a book of poetry, two plays and six books for children.

Tami Israeli

Tami Israeli is Cultural Attachee at the Israeli Embassy.