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David Pryce-Jones & Frederic Raphael

David Pryce-Jones

Chair: Frederic Raphael

28/02/2021 3:00 pm
Virtual Event, Available on KPlayer

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Two wonderful writers team up to take us through a lifetime of literary encounters. In Signatures novelist and commentator David Pryce-Jones offers a window into the extraordinary authors he has met over the last eight decades; from visiting Isaiah Berlin as a child and being sought out as a student by Auden, to getting to know Muriel Spark, V.S. Naipaul, Arthur Koestler, Saul Bellow and many more. He will be in conversation with author and Oscar-winning screenwriter Frederic Raphael.

In Association with The Rabin Chair Forum, George Washington University

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David Pryce-Jones

David Pryce-Jones was born in Vienna in 1936. At Oxford, he read history. His literary career started with the Financial Times, then the Spectator and finally the Daily Telegraph, for whom he covered the 1967 and 1973 wars in the Middle East. His many non-fiction books include The Closed Circle, an account of the Arabs and The War that Never Was, about the collapse of the Soviet Union. He is also the author of ten novels and his latest book is an auobiography, Fault Lines. He is a Senior Editor of National Review.

Frederic Raphael

Frederic Raphael is the author of 20 novels and several essay and story collections. His best-known novel, The Glittering Prizes, was made into a television series which won him the Royal Television Society Award for Writer of the Year. He also received an Oscar for his screenplay for the 1965 film Darling. His latest book A Thousand Kisses started life as a BBC Radio Three feature in 2010 and starring Geoffrey Palmer as the narrator, with Dan Stevens as Catullus. Yet the origins of the book go much further back – right to Frederic’s schooldays when he first conceived the idea of a novel of the poet’s life.