Deborah Levy “Swimming Home”

Deborah Levy


As he arrives with his family at the villa in the hills above Nice, Joe sees a body in the swimming pool. But the girl is very much alive, walking naked out of the water and into the heart of their holiday. Why is she there? What does she want from them all? And why does Joe’s enigmatic wife allow her to remain? Deborah Levy talks about about her 2012 Man Booker Prize shortlisted novel, Swimming Home.

“An unputdownable short novel about the price of emotional repression and the poisoned legacy of the Second World War” in the words of Robert McCrum in The Guardian, Levy’s book was rejected many times before being picked up by a small independent publisher of literary fiction, andotherstories.

Deborah Levy

Suzi Feay

A member of the Critics Circle and the Authors Club, Suzi Feay is a literary journalist and TV critic for the Financial Times. She regularly broadcasts on literary issues and also teaches journalism for creative writing students at Brunel University.