Diaspora: Frédéric Brenner

Frédéric Brenner

01/03/2004 11:00 am

The celebrated photographer Frédéric Brenner has spent the last 25 years capturing Jewish life and culture in more than 40 countries. Witty, moving and uplifting, his photographs document communities that no longer exist as well as a new, vibrant world of Jewish life. Now published as Diaspora: Homelands in Exile, this extraordinary visual anthology depicts the immense diversity of the Jewish people.

In this session, to mark the UK launch of his book, Diaspora: Homelands in Exile, Frédéric Brenner led a captivated audience, with photographs and stories, on a magical odyssey from Birobidzhan to Buenos Aires, Havana to Hong Kong, to answer the eternal question: what makes a people?

Frédéric Brenner

Frédéric Brenner is a French photographer. He spent 25 years chronicling the Diaspora, from Rome to New York, Sarajevo to Samarkand. He has published five books, directed three films and exhibited his work worldwide.