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Fame and Fortune

Tom Conti, Frederic Raphael

23/02/2009 4:15 pm

Born in Chicago, Frederic Raphael moved to England as a boy and his father advised him to grow up to be ‘an English gentleman’ rather than ‘an American Jew’. His first glittering prize was winning a scholarship to Cambridge, followed by an Oscar and general recognition for his witty scripts for television and the silver screen. Writing was always his way to right the wrongs he had suffered. He is loved for his fast paced novels and sparkling humour. He spoke to Bryan Cheyette about questions of identity, the bravery of publishing his diaries, translating fromancient Greek, writing stories to be read or turned into films and the hoped-for sequel to Fame and Fortune.

Tom Conti

Tom Conti is an accomplished film and television actor as well as a writer. He played the leading role in The Glittering Prizes.

Frederic Raphael

Frederic Raphael is the author of 20 novels and several essay and story collections. His best-known novel, The Glittering Prizes, was made into a television series which won him the Royal Television Society Award for Writer of the Year. He also received an Oscar for his screenplay for the 1965 film Darling.

Bryan Cheyette

Bryan Cheyette is Chair in Modern Literature at the University of Reading. He is the editor or author of nine books and is completing Diasporas of the Mind: Literature and Race after the Holocaust. He is also the co-editor of volume VII of the Oxford History of the Novel in English on the British and Irish novel, 1940-present, and reviews contemporary fiction for the TLS, The Independent and Tthe Guardian.