Fault Lines

David Pryce-Jones

22/02/2016 8:30 pm

In his memoir, David Pryce-Jones, former literary editor of The FT and Spectator and author of several major works, reveals his complex origins: born in Vienna, he is the Eton and Oxford-educated son of writer Alan Pryce-Jones, while his mother, Therese Fould-Springer, was a Viennese heiress. He talks about his life, both very English and singularly exotic, with journalist Jonathan Foreman.

David Pryce-Jones

David Pryce-Jones  was born in Vienna and studied modern history at Magdalen College Oxford. He is a contributor to The Daily TelegraphThe TimesThe FTThe SpectatorThe TLSThe Wall Street Journal and New Republic and has been Senior Editor of The National Review since 1999.

Jonathan Foreman

Jonathan Foreman is a journalist and film critic. He was film critic for the New York Post and Co-Founder of StandpointMagazine, launched in 2008, and is now their Writer-at-Large. He has also written for, among many publications, The New Yorker, The National Review, and The Daily Telegraph.