Films produced by the Association of Jewish Refugees

Bea Lewkowicz

01/03/2011 10:45 am

Both directed by Dr Bea Lewkowicz

Moments and Memories (2005, 38 mins) This film highlights the memories and experiences of fourteen refugees and survivors who came to Britain before and after WW2, and settled in different parts of the United Kingdom.

Continental Britons (2002, 50 mins) Thirteen former refugees from Germany and Austria – among them the actor Andrew Sachs, the writer Judith Kerr and the violinist Norbert Brainin – tell of their experiences of being outsiders, of the Blitz in London, of internment and service in the British Army, and discuss the development of their complex identities.

Dr. Bea Lewkowicz is a social anthropologist and oral historian. After studies in Cologne and Cambridge, she received her PhD from the London School of Economics. Her thesis on the Jewish Community of Salonika was published in 2006 (The Jewish Community of Salonika. History. Memory. Identity, Vallentine Mitchell) She has co-directed the Refugee Voices Archive and is currently the director of Sephardi Voices UK, an audio-visual oral history project which records testimonies of Jews from North Africa and the Middle East in the UK. She has produced a number of films for projects and exhibitions, most recently ‘Refugee Experiences’ (part of the permanent exhibition in the history gallery of the Jewish Museum London) and ‘Sephardi Voices: Seven Stories’, a film produced to launch the Sephardi Voices Archive.