Five Ideas To Fight For

Anthony Lester

01/03/2017 7:00 pm

Five Ideas to Fight For is a revealing account of the tortuous struggles to secure the establishment of our rights and freedoms in law. Anthony Lester was at the heart of the 30-year campaign that resulted in the Human Rights Act in 1998, as well as the battle to eradicate iniquities in race and gender that led to the Equality Act of 2010.

A fierce argument for why we must be tenacious in fighting to protect the survival of the ideals that enable us to live freely. Anthony Lester debates his principles and ideals with fellow lawyer and broadcaster Joshua Rozenberg.

Anthony Lester

Anthony Lester QC is Britain\'s most eminent human rights lawyer. In 2007 he received the Justice and Liberty Judges\' Award for a Lifetime of Achievement in the service of human rights. He sits in the House of Lords.

Joshua Rozenberg

Joshua Rozenberg QC is the only full-time journalist to have been appointed Queen’s Counsel honoris causa. After taking a law degree at Oxford he trained as a solicitor. He is an honorary Master of the Bench of Gray’s Inn and a non-executive board member of the Law Commission. Joshua was the BBC’s legal correspondent for 15 years before moving to newspapers. He now presents the popular Radio 4 series Law in Action, which he launched in 1984 and appears regularly on other news networks in the UK and abroad. His forthcoming book Enemies of the People? How Judges Shape Society will be published by Bristol University Press in April 2020.