From Closing the Sea to Here I Begin: A Journey Through Writing

Yehudit Katzir

24/02/2008 10:00 am

‘Closing the Sea’, Yehudit Katzir’s first book (published in Israel in 1990), has captivated readers’ imagination in an unprecedented way. Subsequent publications: two novels, a collection of short stories and children’s books, reaffirmed her rare gift of story telling. Against the turbulent background of Israeli reality, Yehudit Katzir weaves the stories of her characters, mainly women, as they grow up, negotiating a way between their desires and failures, aspirations and constraints. A clear, detailed observation and deep compassion prevails Katzir’s narratives, building a rich and beautiful voice, leaving a unique mark on Israeli literature.

In this exclusive Hebrew language session, she discussed her writing with Tsila Ratner.

Yehudit Katzir

Born in Haifa in 1963,the author of Closing the Sea, Yehudit Katzir studied literature and cinema at Tel Aviv University. At present, she is an editor at Hakibbutz Hameuchad/Siman Kriah Publishing House and teaches creative writing. Katzir, a bestselling author in Israel, has published two collections of stories and novellas, two novels and two children`s books. In addition to literary prizes for individual stories, Katzir has received the Book Publishers Association`s Gold and Platinum Book Prizes, the Prime Minister`s Prize twice (1996, 2007) and the French WIZO Prize for Matisse Has the Sun in His Belly (2004). Her work has been translated into many languages.

Tsila Ratner

Dr Tsila Ratner is senior lecturer in Modern Hebrew Literature at University College, London.