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Genius and Anxiety: How Jews Changed the World 1847 – 1947

Norman Lebrecht

Chair: Trudy Gold

08/03/2020 3:30 pm
Kings Place, Hall 1

Moses said the Law is everything. Jesus said love is everything. Marx said money is everything. Freud said sex is everything. Einstein said everything is relative. The latter three were among a small number of men and women who transformed how we see the world in the period 1847 – 1947. Author Norman Lebrecht discusses with historian Trudy Gold how a handful of people who happened to be Jewish thought outside of the box, to see what others could not, and in doing so changed the world.

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Norman Lebrecht

Norman Lebrecht is the world’s bestselling author on classical music. His most recent book was the critically acclaimed Why Mahler? His Whitbread Award-winning novel, The Song of Names, is currently being developed into a feature film. Aside from the history of Western music, he has a lifelong passion for the culture and chronicles of the Jewish people. He lives in London.

Trudy Gold

Trudy Gold is director of Holocaust Studies at JW3 and former chief executive of the LJCC. She is the editor in chief of Understanding the Holocaust.

Sponsored by Dangoor Education