Good Living Street

Tim Bonyhady


Tim Bonyhady’s family were leading patrons of the arts in fin-de-siecle Vienna. Gustav Klimt painted his great-grandmother’s portrait — now the only Klimt in Britain’s National Gallery — Josef Hoffmann designed their lavish residence, and Gustav and Alma Mahler were close acquaintances.

In Good Living Street Bonyhady tells of the relationships, romance and business highs and lows of three generations of his family, who had lived in unimaginable luxury and privilege in Austria. In 1938 his family fled Vienna for a small flat in Australia, taking with them the best private collection of art and design to escape the Nazis. The past was rarely discussed and 50 years passed before Bonyhady discovered the remarkable arc of his family’s fortunes.

Tim Bonyhady

Tim Bonyhady is an art historian and environmental lawyer. Since 2004 he has been director of the Australian Centre for Environmental Law at the Australian National University. In 2013 he will be a Visiting Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge.