Haunting Memories and Fractured Identities

Jenny Erpenbeck, Julya Rabinovich, Henrietta Foster

02/03/2011 10:30 am

Two strikingly new voices came to JBW 2011, original and poetic, revisit the themes of loss and belonging, nourished by their own experiences. In Jenny Erbenbeck’s haunting novel, Visitation the inhabitants of a house by a lake are displaced by history, one family after the other. Julya Rabinovich’s Splithead traces the story of a young girl is taken on a plane from Leningrad, without knowing that she is leaving the country for good. We discovered how beautiful writing is borne from the pain of a heavy history.

Jenny Erpenbeck

Jenny Erpenbeck is the Berlin-based author of several works of fiction, including The Book of Words, Visitation and The End of Days which recently won the Hans Fallada Prize. She is also an opera director.

Julya Rabinovich

Julya Rabinovich – author, painter and interpreter – won the 2009 Rauris Literature Award for her debut novel, Splithead

Henrietta Foster

Henrietta Foster is a freelance producer and director, working regularly with Newsnight. She has made TV documentaries for the BBC and is writing a book about Hungarian Jews.