Have I Got A Story For You…

Liana Finck, Ezra Glinter

05/03/2017 5:00 pm
Kings Place, St Pancras

The renowned émigré newspaper, The Forward, was founded in New York at the end of the 19th century. Liana Finck’s A Bintel Brief is written in an illustrative style that is a thrilling mash-up of Art Spiegelman’s deft emotionality, Roz Chast’s hilarious neuroses and the magical spirit of Chagall; and is derived from the paper’s hugely popular advice column.Ezra Glinter combed through the archives to find the best stories published during the newspaper’s history, unearthing wartime novellas, avant-garde fiction and satirical sketches about immigrant life in New York. The collection has been rendered into English by today’s best Yiddish translators, who capture the subtleties of nuance and context in the original voices. The authors talk to writer and journalist Boris Fishman.

Boris Fishman

Liana Finck

Ezra Glinter