Hebrew Language Session

Ruth Almog, Tsila Ratner


In memory of Risa Domb

Themes of childhood in Eretz-Israel, the complex relations of the second generation of survivors and Germany, orthodoxy and secularism, and being a woman artist are central to the prolific and acclaimed writing of Ruth Almog. These themes are revisited and crystallised in her latest book The Whistle of the Ocarina. Her talk about how the ocarina became the metaphor for almost her entire writing highlighted the role childhood experiences have played in shaping it.

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Ruth Almog

Ruth Almog\'s new collection of semi-historical stories A woman in the Garden is due to be published in July 2012. Almog writes about women (mostly artists), about children from the \"second generation\", and about the relationship between Israelis and Germans. She was born in Petach Tikwa (1936) to a German-speaking Orthodox family. and grew up in a religious community in what was then a small agricultural place. At 17 she left home to study for three years in Jerusalem in a Teacher\'s Seminary, after which she enlisted to the army for two years. Later on she studied at the Tel Aviv university philosophy and Hebrew literature, while working as a teacher. She married the poet Aharon Almog. They have two daughters. In 1967 she published her first short story in Haaretz Literary Supplement, and started to work there as translator and editor and also wrote book reviews and interviewed Israeli and foreign writers. In all she published 24 books - novels, short stories and books for children and the young.

Tsila Ratner

Dr Tsila Ratner is senior lecturer in Modern Hebrew Literature at University College, London.