History Revisioned: Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean

Ed Kritzler, Joanna Newman

07/03/2010 11:15 am

The author/historian on pioneer Jews in the New World will argue that a tipping point in the readmission of Jews to Great Britain was a heretofore unreported role of Jewish merchants in the conquest of Jamaica in 1655.

“Pirate rabbis? Warrior Jews? Sephardic seafarers escaping the fires of Inquisition in quest of gold and freedom in the New World? If, like mine, your knowledge of Europe’s fabled Age of Discovery hasn’t featured these colorful and, as Edward Kritzler’s diligent scholarship demonstrates, historically influential pioneers, then Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean presents a tale as essential as it is entertaining.”

Robert H. Patton, author of Patriot Pirates and The Pattons, A Personal History of An American Family.

Ed Kritzler

Ed Kritzler is a historian and former reporter for USA Today. He lives in Jamaica and is the author of Jewish Pirates of the Caribbeans.

Joanna Newman

Joanna Newman is Head of Higher Education at the British Library.