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Hope: A Tragedy

Shalom Auslander, Bidisha

26/02/2012 4:30 pm

Darkly hilarious, dangerously subversive and extraordinarily bold, Shalom Auslander delivered a hilarious and disquieting examination of the burdens and abuse of history. The hero of Hope: A Tragedy had hoped to escape the past, history, wars and genocide in a rural US town but nothing happens as expected. We heard from one of the most original, wittiest and darkest voices on the Jewish American scene.


Bidisha is a broadcaster, film-maker and journalist specialising in international human rights, social justice and the arts. She writes for the main UK broadsheets and presents and commentates for the BBC, Channel 4 News and Sky News, where she has been a regular since 2016. Her fifth book, Asylum and Exile, is based on her outreach work with asylum seekers and refugees in London.

Shalom Auslander

Shalom Auslander comes from an ultra-Orthodox background in Monsey, New York. Nominated for the Koret Award for writers under thirty-five, he has published articles in Esquire, the New York Times Magazine, Tablet and the New Yorker and has had stories aired on NPR’s This American Life. He is the author of the short-story collection Beware of God and the memoir Foreskin’s Lament. He lives in New York.