In Wartime: Stories from Ukraine

28/02/2016 12:30 pm
King's Place, Room 2
In association with World Jewish Relief
In his new book, veteran war reporter Tim Judah examines the impact of ongoing conflict on the inhabitants of Ukraine. He talks to mothers, soldiers, businessmen, poets and politicians, whose memories of a contested past shape their attitudes, allegiances and hopes for the future. With his son Ben Judah he discusses how together their stories paint a vivid picture of a nation trapped between powerful political and historical forces.
Tim Judah

Tim Judah is an author, reporter and political analyst for The Economist. His books include The Serbs: History, Myth and the Destruction of Yugoslavia and Kosovo: What Everyone Needs to Know

Ben Judah

Ben Judah is the author of Fragile Empire: How Russia Fell In and Out of Love with Vladimir Putin. His work has been featured in The FTThe EconomistProspectStandpoint and Foreign Policy.