Intimate Impact: Moris Farhi & Richard Zimler

Moris Farhi, Richard Zimler

29/02/2004 2:00 pm

Moris Farhi’s Young Turk is a sensuous tale of love, courage and the forging of conscience, set in a multi-racial Turkey giving sanctuary to many of Europe’s Jews fleeing Nazism. Richard Zimler’s Hunting Midnight, part of his ‘Sephardic Cycle,’ tells the story of a 12- year-old Portuguese boy whose life is dramatically changed when he learns the secret of his family’s Jewish identity, hidden since the Inquisition.

In this highly evocative session, Moris Farhi and Richard Zimler launched their new dazzling works of historical fiction, exploring the intimate impact of major historical events on individuals and communities in the Sephardi world. In the process, and under the excellent guidance of Firdevs Robinson, they revealed the immense sense of colour and vibrancy of life around the Mediterranean.

Moris Farhi

Moris Farhi was born in Turkey. He is a celebrated playwright and screenwriter, and the author ofChildren of the Rainbow, Young Turk, Journey Through the Wilderness and his latest novel, A Designated Man. He has chaired the Writers in Prison programme for both English and International PEN.

Richard Zimler

Richard Zimler was born in New York and now lives and teaches journalism in Portugal. He has written five novels, including the internationally bestselling series The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon, Hunting Midnight and Guardian of the Dawn.