Janusz Korczak

Sandra Joseph, Jonathan Salt

25/02/2007 4:30 pm

‘Children are not the people of tomorrow, but people today. They should be allowed to grow into whoever they were meant to be  -the unknown person inside each of them is the hope for the future’ Janusz Korczak

Doctor, writer, educator, philosopher, great humanist and pioneer for the rights of the child, Janusz Korczak was an extraordinary figure. He chose to accompany the 200 orphans he looked after, out of the Warsaw ghetto to the train station and, finally, the gas chambers of Treblinka.

Sandra Joseph told the story of this amazing man and Jonathan Salt read from Korczak’s work.

In association with the Jewish Museum Exhibition, Champion of the Child

Sandra Joseph

Sandra Joseph is a psychotherapist working with young people. Together with her husband, she founded the British Israel Educational Trust, an organization that arranges trips to Israel for disadvantaged youth in the UK. She has three children. She was the editor of Loving Every Child, Wisdom for Parents, quotations by Janusz Korczak.

Jonathan Salt

Jonathan Salt studied theology and philosophy, worked as a priest, trained as a teacher and founded the St. Ives Youth Theatre where he put on a play about Korczak with whom he has an uncanny resemblance.