JBW 2013 On Tour in Leeds: Ellen Cassedy

Ellen Cassedy


Ellen Cassedy spoke about her book, We Are Here: Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust, at a joint meeting of The Jewish Historical Society Leeds and The United Hebrew Congregation Leeds (UHC).

American journalist Ellen Cassedy travelled to the land of her forbears, and found herself face to face with memory and moral dilemmas. From a modest quest to learn Yiddish in Vilnius, her personal journey expanded. She explored Lithuania’s efforts to build a civil and tolerant society over the traces of a bloody history, where many people today claim no knowledge of the tragic annihilation, or former life, of the Jews.

“If you ask people about the silver spoons in their parlor – where are they from…they will say they don’t know. In fact, some of them really don’t know. They really have forgotten,” one Lithuanian told Cassedy.

Ellen Cassedy