Jew Made in England

Anthony Blond , Ned Sherrin

09/03/2005 11:00 am

An eccentric scion of the Marks & Spencer family and one of the most innovative publishers of the 20th century, Anthony Blond was born into the Manchester Jewish haute bourgeoisie. As a publisher he nurtured talents as diverse as Harold Robbins and Jean Genet, Spike Milligan and Graham Greene.

Always a free spirit, yet profoundly aware of his Sephardi heritage, Blond’s memoir Jew Made in England (2004) mixes frank observations with an intimate and often touching account of his collection of relatives, wives, children and lovers.

Anthony Blond

Anthony Blond left the family textile business in 1952 to start his own literary agency. He subsequently created three publishing businesses, guaranteed Private Eye’s overdraft and stood for Parliament.

Ned Sherrin

Ned Sherrin has worked in radio, films, television and theatre as a writer and award-winning director. His BBC Radio 4 programme Loose Ends is in its 19th year.