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Jewish Book Week 1987

08/03/1987 10:15 am
Sunday 8 March was the final day of Jewish Book Week 1987. The main festival ran from 2 to 8 March. More than 15 challenging and entertaining speakers took part in 8 sessions, presenting arguments and many different points of view.
For the full list of the festival’s events see below.
2 March
  • The Emerging Jewish World by Rabbi Dr Norman Lamm chaired by Marilyn Lehrer
3 March 
  • Writer and Society in Israel Today by A B Yehoshua chaired by Dr Risa Domb
  • Victorian Jews Through British Eyes by Anne Cowen chaired by Dr Lionel Kopelowitz, introduction by Dr Vivian Lipman
  • Writer and Society in Israel Today by A B Yehoshua chaired by Malka Ben-Yosef
4 March
  • A History of the Jews
  • William Fishman: A Shtetl Called Whitechapel Dr S Levenberg: Yiddish Writers: The London Connection by William Fishman, Dr S Levenberg chaired by The Hon. Greville Janner, QC, MP introduced by Henry Mathews
5 March 
  • Erasing the Past  German Historians Debate the Holocaust by Professor Peter Pulzer chaired by Dr F A Mann
8 March 
  • A Word in Edgeways by Elaine Feinstein, Rosemary Friedman, Bernard Kops and Barnet Litvinoff chaired by Geoffrey Paul