Jewish Book Week 1992

11/02/1992 12:30 pm

Sunday 15 March was the final day of Jewish Book Week 1992. The main festival ran from 9 to 15 March. More than 12 challenging and entertaining speakers took part in 7 sessions, presenting arguments and many different points of view.

For the full list of the festival’s events see below.
9 March 
  • Was There A Golden Age In Spain? by Dr. Yomtov Assis chaired by Rabbi Abraham Levy
10 March 
  • To Be a Woman Writer in Israel Today by Amalia Kahana-Carmon chaired by Dr. Risa Domb
  • What drives the Writer to Write? by Amalia Kahana-Carmon chaired by Malka Ben-Yosef
11 March 
  • Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts in the British Library: Iberia, Europe and the Orient by Brad Sabin Hill chaired by Walter Lewis
12 March 
  • The Tortosa Disputation  Religion and Intolerance in Medieval Spain by Hyam Maccoby chaired by Dr. David Sala.
15 March 
  • Family Day by Pamela Melnikoff
  • Food and Life in Sephardi Communities by Claudia Roden chaired by Frances Bissell

To download the programme of events from JBW 1992 click here.