Jewish Book Week 1996

17/03/1996 12:00 pm

Sunday 17 March was the final day of Jewish Book Week 1996. The main festival ran from 10 to 17 March at London’s Royal National Hotel. More than 30 challenging and entertaining speakers took part in 17 sessions, presenting arguments and many different points of view.

For the full listing of the festival’s events see below.
10 March 
  • From Moscow to Jerusalem by Chaim Potok chaired by John Gross
11 March 
  • Ethics in Journalism by Michael Buerk, Irma Kurtz, Laurence Lever chaired by Ned Temko
  • From Eve to Lilith by Sonja Lyndon, Sylvia Paskin, Nadine Brummer, Valerie Sinason & Michelene Wandor
12 March 
  • An evening with Yehuda Amichai by Yehuda Amichai chaired by Dr Risa Domb
  • An evening with Yehuda Amichai by Yehuda Amichai. Chaired by Dvora Ben David
  • Yiddish literature  in songs and speech by Majer Bogdanski
13 March 
  • This year in Jerusalem by Mordechai Richler chaired by Elena Lappin
  • Anglo-Jewry: Then and Now by Frank Cass, Anne Kershen & Stephen Massil
14 March 
  • Klezmer in the Wilderness: Jewish Revival in East-Central Europe by Ruth Ellen Gruber chaired by Lord Haskel
  • New Departures  Live! by Michael Horovitz, Adam Horovitz & Inge Else Laird
  • The Search for Lost Jews by Emma Klein
17 March 
  • Birth of a play by Arnold Wesker chaired by Gerald Jacobs
  • 1996 Jewish Quarterly-Wingate Literary Awards
  • Orthodox women, orthodox Judaism by Dr Chana Safrai chaired by Rosalind Preston
  • Poetry Workshop by Liz Cashdan
  • Tradition & Change by Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, Anne Kershen chaired by Dr. Anthony Joseph
  • Bringing Back the Past by Liz Cashdan