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Jewish Book Week 1999

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14/03/1999 2:00 pm

Sunday 14 March was the final day of Jewish Book Week 1999. The main festival ran from 7 to 14 March at London’s Royal National Hotel. More than 20 challenging and entertaining speakers took part in 17 sessions, presenting arguments and many different points of view.

For the full listing of the festival’s events see below.
7 March 
  • L’Chaim! by Lynne Reid Banks, Jeremy Isaacs, Ned Temko, Geoffrey Wheatcroft. Compared by Geoffrey Paul
  • Memory and History by Lisa Appignanesi, Linda Grant chaired by Jonathan Freedland
  • Reporting Israel by Ian Black, Lyse Doucet, Yehuda Koren, Eric Silver chaired by Ned Temko
  • The Ethics of Press Freedom by Nick Cohen, Geoffrey Goodman, Anthony Julius, Reuben Livingstone chaired by Joshua Rozenberg
8 March 
  • History As A Journey of Identity by A B Yehoshua chaired by Nicholas de Lange
  • Come Hear A Story by David Kossoff
  • My First Sony by Benny Barbash in conversation with Risa Domb
9 March 
  • Jews and Poles Fifty Years On by Rosalind Copisarow, Konstanty Gebert, Zdzislaw Mach, Anthony Piolonsky, Rafael Scharf chaired by Dr Jonathan Webber
  • Must a Jew Believe? by Menachem Kellner chaired by Dr Norman Solomon
10 March 
  • Jewish Literature: Past, Present & Future by Ilan Stavans & Dan Jacobson
  • I, Dreyfus Bernice Rubens chaired by Sue Krisman
11 March 
  • Agony and Ecstasy by Dannie Abse, Ruth Fainlight, Michael Heller, Deborah Maccoby chaired by Anthony Rudolf
  • The Phenomenon of Anne Frank by Carol Ann Lee chaired by Gillian Walnes
13 March 
  • Touching Peace by Yossi Beilin MK
14 March 
  • An Anti-Racist Agenda by Charles Clarke, Oona King chaired by Dr. Edie Friedman
  • The Pianist by Detlev Hosenfeld, Andras Szpilman, Wladislaw Szpilman chaired by Rafael Scharf with readings from Robert Rietti
  • When Joseph Met Molly by Dr Dafna Clifford, Alex Gordon. Chaired by Sylvia Paskin