Jewish Mothers on Screen

Trudy Gold

23/02/2009 4:30 pm

The Jewish mother has been depicted as myth, matriarch and even monstrous. As one trawls through Hollywood, British films and even BT commercials what emerges is an extraordinary stereotype – overprotective, demanding, feeding, generally sexless, over emotional, materialistic and aspirational for her husband and children. This presentation featured archetypal Jewish mothers from the first talkie, The Jazz Singer, in the twenties to more recent films such as Suzie Gold via Exodus, Over Brooklyn the Bridge, Goodbye Columbus, New York Stories, The Bar Mitzvah Boy and many more. Are these creations affectionate reminiscences of Jewish sons or just downright malicious – and if so, why do we still laugh?

In association with London Jewish Cultural Centre

Film Archive at the LJCC:

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Trudy Gold

Trudy Gold is the former C.E.O of the London Jewish Cultural Centre, and one of the founder members of the British delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. She has taught Modern Jewish History in schools and universities and for adult groups throughout the World. She has coordinated teacher training in Jewish History and Holocaust Studies in Eastern Europe and latterly in China. She is the author of The Timechart History of Jewish Civilisation and the student resources “Understanding the Holocaust” and the digital resource “Lessons of the Holocaust.”