Jews of Ireland

Ruth Gilligan, Simon Lewis

26/02/2017 12:30 pm

Through their respective works of fiction and poetry, Ruth Gilligan and Simon Lewis tell haunting stories of Ireland’s once-thriving Jewish communities.

Ruth Gilligan’s beautiful and heartbreaking novel Nine Folds Make a Paper Swan spans three generations of Dublin Jews, intertwining their narratives and posing fierce questions about identity and belonging.

Simon Lewis’s award-winning collection of exquisite poems, Jewtown, evokes the vanished community of Cork.

In conversation with journalist and resident of County Cork Jonathan Self.

Ruth Gilligan

Ruth Gilligan published her first novel, Forget, at the age of 18. The book became a number one bestseller, as did her next two novels, Somewhere in Between and Can you see me?.

Simon Lewis

Jonathan Self

Jonathan Self is an author and journalist. He has written for many publications including The Times, Vanity Fair and the JX, and is the author of many books.